Top 5 swing dance podcasts

I love a good swing dance podcast. I always listened to them while traveling and looked for more and more. Nowadays I’m listening to podcasts from home, yet they play an even bigger role – reminding of the “normal” times and that we’ll meet at the dance floor again.

2020 and the beginning of 2021 is a great time for Lindy Hop podcasts. They educate and inspire.

Here is my top five:

What a Jazz podcast

One of the very new podcasts, as it started in 2021, yet it already got into my heart.

Elze Visnevskyte talks with her amazing guests about running a local dance school, reality of being an international dance teacher and much more.



Rhythm & Booze with Mikey & Nikki

Only the first episode is out, yet I already can’t wait for the next one! Mikey and Nikki shared behind the scenes of dancing in Jon Batiste’s music video. I really got hooked! Can’t wait for more topics to come as the first episode put me in a great mood.


Integrated Rhythm

I’m a massive fan of Bobby White’s blog – Swungover. When I learnt that he is joining forces with a great dancer Chisomo Selemani to talk about a very important topic – the Black Experience, I knew it would be a “must listen”.

A podcast where two swing dancing besties navigate the world of Jazz dance.
Associate Professor, instructor, and swing and Zambian heritage dancer CHISOMO SELEMANI and world champion swing dancer, instructor, and historian BOBBY WHITE discuss Afro-centric social dancing with a range of guests, make bad puns, and occasionally sing. The goal is comfortable conversations about uncomfortable things.


The Track

This podcast probably doesn’t need an introduction. Ryan Swift conducts great, in-depth interviews with swing dancers and musicians. You can find long talks with Old Timers, top dancers, organizers and other people involved in the Lindy Hop community. Ryan has a great skill of talking to people in a way that you can actually feel each and every story told. An extra cherry on the top are notes provided to every episode – you’ll find there references: videos, people, places, groups and links to everything mentioned during the talk.

Some of my favorite episodes are:


Pavli for Swing Wings

So far there are only two episodes in English but I really like the way Pavli’s podcast inspires to think about community building. The topics of episodes conducted in Czech language are also very tempting, so my hopes for some new talks are high!


Little chats with grand people about swing dancing, music, community and all the passions we share! With host Pavli, founder and team leader of Swing Wings. Accompanied by the best tunes recorded directly from our vinyl player!


From the Top

This one is an extra on the list as I haven’t listened to it yet. It’s next on my list as topics and guest really caught my attention!

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