Where to learn swing dancing online?

Online swing dance resources are especially helpful and needed during time of social distancing when majority of dance organizations had to cancel their classes and festivals. There were always a lot of great online platforms with Lindy Hop, Solo Charleston and Balboa courses however during last week teachers and musicians introduced a lot of new forms of teaching, playing and dancing. We tried to gather new and old resources to learn swing dance online, check them out.

1. Join a live class

A lot of great teachers use their own or swing dance schools’ Facebook or Instagram accounts to run live classes online. They usually announce it at least one day before and gather people on the event or just as a post. Please, remember to tip them using Venmo or PayPal if they provide the info!

These happen fast but if you follow people who hosted lives earlier hopefully you will catch one yourself:

When it comes to lives you can also catch some of the great dance music with this Quarantine Concert Calendar (majority of these work well for the US time). When it comes to the timing more comfortable for Europe we really enjoy virtual swing dance parties by Heart of Dixie and Andrej Hermlin and his Swing Dance Orchestra.


2. Private classes online

Email your favorite traveling or local teacher and ask them about the possibility of doing a video class or a feedback on your dancing. They can also help you to prepare a training program or put a choreography together. There is a special google doc dedicated to gathering contact info of full-time teachers hit by the cancellations of events that offer private online classes.


3. Take up a challenge

You can also take part in swing dance challenges. There is a given topic for each day and you work on particular skill among others. You can take a video of your training and publish it in a group where dancers inspire and motivate each other or add it to your social media with a dedicated hashtag.


4. Sign up for an online course

There are plenty amazing, online platforms you can learn Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Balboa from. We divided them by these 3 swing dances:



Dax and Sarah run the Rhythm Juice platform with a huge amount of material to practice solo and with a partner. They regularly upload new videos. There are two options to choose from – both are very attractive and will surely excite every lindy hopper.

“To inspire dancer’s worldwide by providing personal feedback, coaching and structured learning to improve your swing dancing!” – Rhythm Juice

Price: $0 for 7 days trial and then $49 per month



“Kevin and Jo believe that the old saying “practice makes perfect” can be improved upon by applying a small variation, “perfect practice makes perfect.” If you practice something wrong 1,000 times, you’ll be really good and doing it incorrectly. So take the time you need to practice the material correctly. The number one thing that all top level dancers share is training.”

COVID-19 special pricing: $19 instead of $30 per month



“Syncopated City offers a solution to overwhelm and feeling stuck. A comprehensive library of moves, styling, and variations that you can reference as many times as you need to truly master each move and make it your own. Each lesson is taught by the consistent, clear, and experienced voices of Michael and Evita.” – Syncopated City

Price: $25 per month






Ksenia focuses on solo dancing and creates complex courses focused on particular subjects. There are already 6 of them and the membership gives access to all the videos.

Price: €30 per month




i Solo Balboa by Olga Marina

“iSOLObalboa is online classes created to inspire balboa dancers and help them learn to practice solo to feel great dancing in a couple.” – Olga Marina

Price: 30 per month


Balboa ADDICTION by Mickey Fortanasce

“Check our over 200 posts including Patreon Exclusive Lessons  like our ‘Compete’ and ‘Slides’ series. Recaps from nearly all of our workshops over the past year as well as fun links to some of our favorite dance clips, dance clip voiceovers and access to the Balboa Training Ground. Our online practice and focus group.” – Mickey

Price: $5-40 per month


Balboa Online by Bobby & Kate

“Balboa Online works with a video streaming service to deliver content to dancers across the world. Our goal is to offer simple, pay-per-video lessons, without the hassle of subscriptions. Once you have purchased a video, you will have access to that video as long as this website is up.” – Balboa Online

Price: $15 for a video


One8 Balboa

“It’s a series of short Balboa footwork videos meant to give you some ideas on how to improve your footwork so it’s in sync with the music.” – Vilnius Balboa Club

Price: $1-8 per month


Nick Williams’ Patreon

“Everything from lessons, demos, personal feedback and much more. Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag and beyond. With your help we can continue to expand and explore the depths of the swing dances.” – Nick Williams

Nick invites numerous amazing followers and records video classes for his Patreon account.

Price: $5-25 per month

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As part of a dance instructors survival, while events and group classes are forced to cancel, we are turning even more to online lessons. I do have a Patreon page with a years worth of lessons and class review. Most of the months have top professional follows and leads to teach with me. Your support would be greatly appreciated. www.patreon.com/nickwilliams That being said, I also want to do my part in helping the dance community survive. During this crisis I’m going split the Patreon earnings each month with a person or place. 50/50 For the month of March, I’d like to split the earnings with Atomic Ballroom Irvine. Nikki and Shesha, along with all the staff of Atomic have treated me like family for years. They have supported me in all my endeavors. Atomic has provided me with a place for workshops, privates, practice, social dancing and JitterBlast. You’ll not only be helping the studio, but also all the wonderful people who work there. If you’d like to do even more for Atomic, you can visit their website www.atomicballroom.com and buy lesson packages. They don’t expire. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Even if your funds are severely limited and can’t contribute, your love and support is still priceless. #patreon #onlinedancelessons #lindyhop #balboa #collegiateshag #swing #charleston

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