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We were very excited to receive the long awaited Jewel Golden Era restock. We had a delay caused by the limited availability of this particular leather color. 

At the end of the day, when the delivery finally arrived we received a slightly different color…but we love the outcome even more! It’s a blend between gold and silver, we like to describe it as champagne. You can see it in the middle – between Jewel Golden Era and Frontline Steal Dance.

All-leather swing dancing shoes made in Poland.
Available in EU sizes 35-42. The 4.5 cm heel is perfectly balanced so you can rock Lindy Hop and hit those swivels. Additional padding gives them the feeling of comfy flats. Leather soles help you slide and glide across the dance floor making your Pure Bal pure bliss. The soft upper adapts to your feet after just a few hours and makes you feel Hepcats were made exactly for you. Original design connects vintage aesthetics with modern technology to produce the ultimate swing dancing footwear.