Can I exchange or return shoes bought online?

Yes. You have 14 days from recieving your order to send us a message and inform us that you want to return your shoes. We will send you a form to print out and fill in. Then you have another 14 days to send us shoes. Please make sure that they don’t have any signs of usage (pay attention to the leather soles) and are in the original packaging. Attach the original reciept and printed form. The cost of shippment is paid by the customer. If you want to exchange shoes for a different size/style you also need to place a new order.

Do you ship worlwide?

We do! We don’t have all the zip codes and countries added yet but we ship worldwide. In case your address is not available please send us a message with your country and zip code and we will add it to our shop.

Can I walk outside wearing hepcats?

Our shoes have leather soles that wear down way faster than rubber ones. However you can walk outside wearing them if there is nice weather. Rain is an enemy of leather soles! If you don’t want to use Hepcats shoes for dancing we also recommend visiting a shoemaker  or a shoe repair shop and adding rubber soles onto the original leather sole. It is a common practice with formal footwear.

Why do hepcats shoes have leather soles?

It makes them more slippery on wooden dance floors which is a desired feature in swing dancing shoes.

How to choose a size?

Check your size in this table.

Where can I try on or pickup shoes?

All the events that we will be at are listed in this section. We don’t have any local shop but we store our shoes in Warsaw, Poland. If you are interested in meeting us here, let us know.

how fast will i break them in?

Hepcats shoes will adapt to you feet after a few hours of wearing.

Does the price include shipping?

No. Cost of delivery will be added to your order according to the table in terms and conditions section.